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automatic data collection

Additional information is provided in the following

sections about commonly used web technology tools.


A "cookie" is a small data file that is transferred from a website to your computer's hard drive. Jean Pierre Bua or its service providers send cookies when you browse our site or on sites where our advertisements appear, if you make purchases, request or personalize information, or if you register for certain services. If you accept the cookies used on our site, on sites managed by other companies on behalf of Jean Pierre Bua or on sites where our advertisements appear, you provide us with access to information about your browsing behavior. Cookies are often classified as "session" cookies or "persistent" cookies.

•    Session cookies do not remain on your computer once you close your browser.
•    Persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, although the user can decline cookies or selectively accept them through browser preferences. If you disable cookies, certain functions of our site may not be available and some web pages may not be displayed correctly.


In certain countries you can also adjust your cookie preferences for Jean Pierre Bua.com and partner sites using a preference management tool for the site you visit.

How to block cookies in different browsers.



      If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+:
•    Go to "tools" in the menu bar, where a menu should be displayed, in which to choose "internet options"
•    Click on the "privacy" tab at the top
•    Slide the switch to the "block all cookies" mark

Important notice: blocking all cookies could prevent you from accessing many sites. The next two levels of Internet Explorer privacy, high and medium-high, are more bearable.

To delete existing cookies:

•    Go to "tools" in the menu bar that will be displayed at the bottom and then click on "internet options".
•    Click on the "general" tab that should be under "browsing history" and click on "delete".

Google Chrome

      If you use Google Chrome to disable cookies:
•    Go to the "tools menu"
•    Click on "options"
•    Click on "advanced"
•    Select "cookie setting". Once you do, select "block all cookies"
•    Now all cookies should be blocked in your Google Chrome

      To delete existing cookies:
•    Go to the "tools menu"
•    Click on "options"
•    Click on "advanced"
•    In the "privacy" section select "show cookies"
•    A new window called “cookies” should open. In it you can see all the cookies that are in your

      Google Chrome browser.
•    Click on "delete all" to delete any cookie element
•    If you only want to delete a specific cookie, simply select it and click "delete”


      Safari 5.1 +
Go to the Safari menu and click on “about” to find out which version of Safari you are using.
•    From the Safari menu, click on "Preferences".
•    Once you are in the Safari preferences window, click on “privacy”.
•    Set your cookie creation preferences next to "block cookies".
•    Select "Sources and Advertisers" - "Always" or "Never".
•    If you have any type of cookies or data stored, click on "Details".
•    If you want to delete the data, select the information and click "Delete".
•    If you want to delete the data from all the pages, simply click on "Delete all".
•    You are done, click "finish" to return to the preferences window.



•    Go to the Opera window at the top, select "Tools".
•    Select, from here, “Preferences”.
•    Click on "Advanced".
•    Select "Accept cookies".
•    Select "Accept cookies" or "Accept only cookies from the site I am visiting."
•    Make sure "Delete new cookies when visiting Opera" is not selected.
•    Now you can click on “OK”.


•    At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button and select Options.
•    Select the Privacy panel.

•    Choose Use custom settings for history.
•    Check the Accept cookies option to activate them, and uncheck it to deactivate them.
•    If you are trying to solve problems related to cookies, make sure that the option Even those of third parties is not marked with the value Never. For more information, see the article Disable third-party cookies.
•    Choose how long cookies will be stored:
•    Keep until: expire: Cookies will be deleted when they reach their expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie.
•    Keep until: close Firefox: Cookies that are stored on your computer will be deleted when Firefox is closed.
•    Keep until: always ask: Shows an alert every time a website tries to send cookies asking if you want to store them.
•    Click OK to close the Options window.


Thank you for your trust!